CH M&M’s Fashionably Late!, MT



 by handler Melissa Byrd:


Later is such a special boy, a gentle giant who has never met a stranger and loves absolutely everyone he meets. I had the privilege of being with Molly & Michael when Later came into this world and I have been allowed to spend a great deal of time with him over his 9.5 years on earth. During his first years, I stayed with Molly & Michael a considerable amount of time, sometimes for weeks or months at a time, and developed a close bond with him. I kept him when they were out of town,  he came ‘Aunt Lisser’s’ (as Molly calls me to her dogs)to visit and I took him to my canine massage class as my massage as my massage subject. He did great! I took two that night so I had the smallest and the largest in the room. OH! Didn’t you know? Later is big, make that huge! We like to joke that he’s the biggest Bloodhound on the planet. He truly is Clifford the Big Red Dog. This is why I thought he’d be great for pet therapy so in the fall of 2019 he came to stay with me to train and complete his three required tests with our favorite ADT tester, David. 

Later is a big dog in any house but to be the 6th Bloodhound in a 1300 sq ft home on only 0.19acres, lets just say he stands out! He did great on the visits! The first and third visits are always at the nursing home where David has an established relationship

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