"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."

    — Roger Caras

On the Trail

It's fun to following the working Bloodhound ...

K9 Merit's Message For Us

Be a Buddy ... not a Bully!

Puppy Pictures!

We have litter plans!



Paisley is here to visit

An old friend of ours, Paisley, has been here for a visit for the last couple of weeks. She is…

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A pretty day outside for the 'oldies'

It was a beautiful day outside today and the older guys really enjoyed being out in the sunshine for a…

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Time for check ups!

The ‘trio’ – Gaines, Landis and Mrs. Pea – were due for annual physicals and rabies shots. They had a…

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Happiest 13th Birthday to Journey!

This beautiful girl turns 13 today! She is ‘Journey’ – from Nolan/Zoe … the last one left of the six…

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