Therapy Dogs

It takes a very special dog to fill the role of a therapy dog …



Through the years, we’ve had some puppies that we’ve produced go on to be extra special companions to others outside of the home in which they. These dogs are the therapy dogs! Though it’s not common to see Bloodhounds used as therapy dogs, it is a real treat to see what happiness and comfort they bring to those in need! To see the faces light up when you ’round the corner with a Bloodhound therapy dog and the feel the palpable joy in the hearts of who they’re visiting with, it is probably suffice to say that the therapy is actually for the handler! 🙂 



It takes a very specific personality in a dog to be a therapy dog. Months of training and socializing go into the process of helping a dog get ready for testing for the ability to do this job. The following dogs shown have been able to fulfill this loving job and thoroughly enjoy their time both working and with their handlers! The following stories on their pages have been written by their handlers. Enjoy!






Ben E.