M&M’s Brigantine Lady Huntley of London, MTX


by handler Terri Heck:



Detective K9 Briggs

            K9 Briggs followed in K9 Merit’s footsteps becoming an active and reliable search K9 and touching the hearts of many. She now presents the assembly that Merit started bringing the realization to all that each and every person is special! While training in hospital and assisted living venues it was noticed by MaryJo Brown (Head of Paws to Wellness at Manor Health Reading PA) that Briggs had a passion for people of all ages. High stress environments did not rattle her – she loved to be touched! And so, it began that she was tested and certified by the Alliance for Therapy Dogs. What followed were experiences that touched the heart and soul of Briggs, of myself and everyone who interacted with Briggs.

          She currently spends one day each week at an urban school with students that have behavioral challenges. This from the principal, “I cannot begin to mention the positive affect they have had on my building’s overall culture and climate. We have seen an increase in cohesiveness with our students and they have learned so much about safety and their own well-being with our school and community. One of the main lessons that the kids always take away from meeting with Terri and K9 Briggs is that they are each special individuals that are loved and need to show love to others.

Another day is spent at a private school for children and youth that have extreme social and behavioral issues. Briggs is part of a team of teachers, case managers and behavior specialists coming together to make a difference one kiddo at a time.

            K9 Briggs also spends time weekly with some residents at a nursing home where the simple power of touch and the willingness of this most special dog to listen and listen some more means so much. It is so difficult to have words that even hint at the connections – that express the magic in the moment. I am ever so thankful to be part of this – small part that I am – it truly has been all about the M&M girls.