Grandbabies came to visit!

We had a fun set of visitors some see us! Tonka & Secret’s litter (co-bred with us but bred/whelped at Ironstride Hounds) came today for evaluation and some placement decisions! Puppy breath always makes us happy! There are still a couple puppies available from this litter. You can see the information on our litter pages. 


Thumbelina has been busy!

Thumbelina attended our American Bloodhound Club’s National Specialty in Asheville, NC at the end of September and accomplished quite a bit! She mantrailed to her newest title – MTI (mantrailer intermediate), she passed the AKC ATT test which is their temperament test AND she accompanied Dyna Vestal to her Best Junior win! 


Tonka wins the Hound Group! Concord, NC dog shows

We are so proud of this boy! At the Concord, NC shows this past weekend, Tonka had a huge win taking the Hound group which was filled with some of the nation’s top hounds! Tonka is 4.5yrs old and from our Bunny/Willie litter. The best part was afterwards we got to have an ‘M&M family’ cookout all together to celebrate him!

Who knew!?

We did a breeding this spring and the result was a singleton! It happens, even in large breeds. In fact this is our fourth one in all these years. They’re a special bunch! We welcome to the world a new black/tan baby boy born via c-section May 23rd!

Spring in the air

It’s so nice outside today! The girls are enjoying relaxing and hanging out!

Mrs. Pea on the left, Grace on the right

Hanging out

Thumbelina and Gaines are enjoying this afternoon just hanging out together and pondering life – or maybe pondering when they’ll play ball next? 




Technology is amazing!

On January 2, 2023 Gaines had a beautiful litter of 4 puppies born. The most amazing part about this litter is that their sire was born in 1993. The frozen semen we used was 26yrs old! 


American Bloodhound Club National 2022

M&M Bloodhounds had quite an American Bloodhound Club’s National specialty this year in Wilmington, Ohio! The Prarielands Bloodhound Club hosted it and their Regional specialty the very next day. 

Our collective wins included:

Eden – M&M’s Where Rainbows Never Die – won Best Opposite Sex Puppy in Sweepstakes at the National. She is from our Visa/Gaines litter. 

Gedeon – M&M’s Conquer The Rainbow at Celestial – won Best Puppy in Sweepstakes at the National and Grand Sweepstakes winner at the Regional. He is from our Visa/Gaines litter. 

Thumbelina – M&M’s Beautiful Little Fairytale, MT, CGC, CGCA, TKN – won Best Junior in Sweepstakes at the National and then on to the National Grand Sweepstakes! Thumbelina also earned her AKC Canine Good Citizens (CGC), Canine Good Citizens Community (CGCA) and Trick Dog Novice (TKN) titles! She is from our Ladd/Lila litter. 

Landis – GCHB M&M’s The Land of Oz – she was a Top 20 Bloodhound and also won an Award of Merit at the Regional. She is from our Merlin/Grace litter. 

Tonka – GCH M&M’s A Jeep Trackhawk on your Tail – he was a Top 20 Bloodhound and won Select Dog at the Nataional and an Award of Merit at the Regional. He is from our Willie/Bunny litter. 

Glory – M&M’s Two Peas In A Pod – at her very first show, 7mos old, she won Reserve Winners Bitch at the National for a 3pt major! She is from our Later/Mrs. Pea litter. 


So many litters represented us at the event and did such a terrific job! 


Thumbelina with all her loot!

Littermates! Gedeon & Eden


The winning crew – left to right – Glory, Thumbelina, Landis, Tonka, Gedeon, Eden 


A lake girl …

This summer we’ve taken Gaines to the lake a few times. She’d never been on our (or any) boat, never been to water to swim, never been in deep water to swim, etc. It’s been such a great joy to share this fun with her!



Two new passed EECTs!

An EECT is an abbreviation for the American Bloodhound Club’s mantrailing trial ‘instinct test’ and is a test for a dog to follow a trail that is at least one hour old and one fourth mile long. We went to Columbia, SC this weekend to do this testing and both of our girls passed! We are SO proud of Mrs. Pea and Thumbelina on passing this mantrailing tests but also doing it in a heat index of over 100 degrees! Yikes, it was SO hot!