Bayside M&M’s Rollin’ Wild Figgy, MT, THDX


by handler Maryjo Brown:



While she is my first bloodhound, Bodhi, certified by Alliance of Therapy Dogs, is the sixth therapy dog partner, since 1991, that I have had the privilege of working with as a mental health professional and Clinical Coordinator of Paws for Wellness Animal Assisted Interventions program at Reading Hospital in West Reading, PA. 

Bodhi’s exceptional personality and her enjoyment of people, no matter what age or background, make her a delight to work with. 

Our work together takes us throughout the hospital system where we offer psychological/emotional support to patients, weekly sessions to Emergency Department staff and our physician residents to reduce compassion fatigue and support resilience in clinical practice.  When called to do so, we respond to facilitate critical incident debriefings. Often times Bodhi’s calming presence and hands on offers more in a critical moment for staff then any words that I could offer. Bodhi also works in the Reading Hospital’s School of Health Sciences offering stress mediation sessions for nursing and paramedic students on exam days.

It is an honor to witness Bodhi’s intuitiveness and her ability to know what someone needs at any given moment. She can become silly and playful or quietly present leaning into someone who may need the weight of her physical presence and her soulful gaze.

What wonderful girl, I am blessed to have her in my life as a companion and a work partner. Thanks ever so much M&M, Molly Nye for entrusting me with this treasure.