We have two new additions!

We welcome to this world “Samantha” and “Charlie” (temporary names by Laura Hallett) born to Sara and Higgins! This is a co-bred litter, born at Bayside Bloodhounds, outside of Boston. This is Higgins’ first litter and Sara’s second. We are very excited to have them here and they are doing well!

Jen Hallett (Bayside Bloodhounds) has a wonderful friend who happens to be, in my opinion, the best dog photographer in the New England area. Check her website link out on our links page. Sue has graciously allowed us to use her photos here on our site (our site is copyrighted) and we are grateful for that!

Both of these sweet babies have homes lined up. If you’re interested in a future litter, please contact us!



Piedmont Kennel Club shows

Wow! WHAT a weekend this was for us! This is our local kennel club and their only show weekend during the year. We usually try to enter the shows to support the club, etc. This time I felt like I had lost my mind b/c the puppies were just old enough for this show and so I bit the bullet and ended up entering 4 of our dogs to help build points, etc. It was a bit stressful to figure out getting help holding dogs, showing one of them, etc. But with some help from Suzy Fox and Brittany Gilliland and Michael, we pulled it off. Saturday and Sunday was a 5pt major in dogs and 2pts in bitches.  Saturday London took best of breed with Suzy showing her. This was only her second real weekend out as a special and she picked up a good amount of breed points and Grand Championship points.  Suzy did a great job with her! Saturday was a great day for Later … he went winners dog to pick up the 5pt major and finished it off by going best of opposite sex. This was only his third show weekend! We’ve been holding him out to mature. That same day Kennedy – M&M’s The Price of Fame – was best puppy and our Little Bit was reserve winners bitch. As if we couldn’t top that off, Sunday was a HUGE day for us! London went best of breed again, our bred by puppy Visa went winners dog for the 5pt major (!) and the icing on the cake was that Little Bit went winners bitch but then went on to go best of winners which crossed over the 5pt major to her.  She also won best bred by exhibitor. Holy cow! The puppies had never been in a show before, they were only 6.5months old! It was a enormous weekend for M&M and a very memorable one as well. We also had the puppies’ littermate Beau – M&M’s The Price of His Redemption – there at the show. He and his dad, John, make a great team and looked wonderful together.

Little Bit






Happy 4th Birthday to my best buddy

Sherick M&M’s Finally Red Hot!, RN, MT, MTI, MTX …. “Fin” …. turns 4yrs old today. I wish time would slow down. To me, you’re still my little yellow collar baby. My life has been forever changed with you in it. There are no words to thank you appropriately. Love you my Cootest MiniSweetSweet  BeenMissingYou!


Southeastern Bloodhound Club Trailing Trials

Holy cow! WHAT a fun weekend we had. It was great seeing old friends and new faces alike. The trials were held in Concord, NC and we had 8 out of 12 passes and an additional 5 EECTs (instinct test) pass. Congratulations to all of the handlers/hounds and a special congratulations to our Later & London for passing their EECTs and to our special friend Paisley on her new MTX with Michael handling. It was a beautiful thing to watch that team work together. Pictured below was her sucessful ID right on the Cracker Barrel front porch rockers! It was awesome!


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!

Geez! I never seem to update this news feed as regularly as I intend to. M+M Bloodhounds wishes you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous new year! BTW, we still have not taken our christmas card photo – nobody was left out, we just haven’t done it yet ! 🙂 Maybe it’ll get done in early 2012.

Another Grand Champion

Congratulations to Higgins on his new GCH title earned at the Winston Salem, NC shows. Higgins is a very handsome fellow and well deserving of this accomplishment. We are so proud!

picture by CEFK

picture by CEFK

Time flies when you’re having fun … :(

It’s hard to believe that all of our puppies have gone to their new homes. 8-10wks just isn’t long enough with them. However, it’s time for them to spread their wings and enjoy their own families, etc. We look foward to their future and seeing them again – hopefully soon!

pictured at 8wks


Bottom row (left to right) – Haddie B., Visa, Scruggs, Rufus & Kennedy

Top row (left to right) – Morgan, Little Bit, Elly, Beau, Twitter & Milton

A successful search!

After coming for a visit to see the puppies last week, Bev went home to a little adventure. This is the email I got the next day. We are SO proud of Higgie!

Oh by the way..Higgins had an actual search and rescue last night(sort of)  I wasn’t home 30 mins and I had a frantic, crying woman knocking at my back door…she lives down the road and lost her havanese…took Higgins to where the dog was last seen, scented him on the dog’s blanket and off he went… we got so far and stopped(it was just too dark) but we knew this was the way the dog had gone…everyone focused on that area found the dog about an hour later…it was pretty cool.  Higs loved it.”

Puppies, Puppies everywhere!

On September 13th, two days early, our latest litter came into this world. We have 11 healthy surviving puppies from a litter of 15. There are 6 girls, 5 boys and they’re all black/tan. Mom and babies are doing well! Enjoy puppy pictures by clicking here.

Fin – the perfect model

In one of our other businesses that we work, we recently qualified for a free black BMW of our choice. We, of course being the dog people that we are, chose the X5 because it will hold a dog crate! LOL … one of the requests is that you submit a photo to the company once you get the car.  How could we take a photo without a Bloodhound in it?! Enjoy 🙂


To find out more about our business you can visit our BodyByVi website by clicking here!

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