Greenville & Salem is where it all happened!

Yet again it’s been forever since I’ve posted. I seem to stay so busy and forget about posting a blog note! We actually have been showing a little bit. At the end of July, we showed in Greenville, SC. Friday’s show resulted in London’s first champion points earned with her going best of winners. Price went best of breed this day as well! Saturday/Sunday London went reserve winners bitch to a major and Higgins (CH. Sherick M&M’s Reflective Memories, CGC, MT, MTI, MTX) went select dog both days to gain two Grand Champion majors! This was the first time he had been in the show ring in about 3.5 years! As you can tell, by his titles, he’s been out working on his man-trailing. It’s very satisfying to have two brothers recognized in the ring AND for both of those boys to be titled man-trailers as well. 🙂

Fast forward to last week/end … I traveled up to Salem, VA with Price & London. Price took a clean sweep by going best of breed all five days!! Sat/Sun he also made the cut in the group. London went reserve winners bitch on Saturday to her sister, Whisper, which was a 5pt major. Sunday London won Winners Bitch for a 4pt major! THE best news of this entire weekend was Price’s breed win on Saturday finished his Grand Champion title …. and drum roll … gave him his 6th title making him eligible for induction to the American Bloodhound Club’s Working Dog Hall of Fame!!! I am so proud of him, I cannot accurately put it into words. What a very special boy he is. His registered name now reads: GCH. CH. Sherick M&M’s Priceless Memories, BN, RN, MT, MTI …. and what priceless memories he continues to give us!

Lastly, this past weekend in Salem proved yet again to be a wonderful time with old friends and meeting new friends! For those of you who know me, Fin gets to be with him Mom at most times which includes going on trips. I guess it ‘pays to be mini’ when Mom can find room for you in the corner of the minivan 🙂 Fin’s highlight off his weekend was meeting his new friend Lisa, the jumper Kharma AND running his heart out in one of our friend Jill’s many fenced areas. Enjoy these pictures taken by Price’s Mom, Chip Page!





Meet Mayer – Available older puppy!


Mayer is a 10 month old, black/tan male puppy available to the right home. For more information and pictures, please read more at this link (to our current litter page):

Another title for Price!

Congratulations to Chip & Price on their new MTI (man-trailer intermediate) title they obtained this past weekend at the Southeastern Bloodhound Club’s independent trailing trial in Concord, NC! Great job guys! – CH. Sherick M&M’s Priceless Memories, CGC, RN, BN, MT, MTI


Another wonderful Valentines Day!

Henry is Molly’s 4yr old nephew … who loves Fin. Fin wrote Henry an email today, read below:


Dear Henry,

Today was a very special day for me. I received your Valentine, made especially for ME(!), in Mommy & Daddy’s mail. Thank you so much for thinking of me on Valentine’s Day! My Daddy (Michael) took pictures of me while Mommy (Molly) helped me open it. You can see them below
I am so excited this piece of mail is for me! Who could it be from?
I even sat down like I do for cookies so Mommy would give it to me!
She opened it up so I could smell inside. I remembered you! I knew you sent me the Valentine b/c of your smell. Remember I found you and your Mommy when we played hide & seek at GranMary’s?
Me, looking and smelling the Valentine from you. It is so nice. You did such a great job making it for me!
I even smelled the sticker you put on it!
I had to double check you weren’t hiding in the envelope b/c I could still smell your scent. You see, us Bloodhounds have very sensitive noses – the BEST of all dogs! I couldn’t find you in the envelope so you must still be in Seattle. I hope I can see you soon!
Mommy helped me put your Valentine on the ‘fridge so I can see it – it’s all mine 🙂
I sit very proudly by it – thank you again for thinking of me! I sure hope your Valentine’s Day was a great one!
Love, Fin

That was hard work!

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to Chip & Price on earning their last two legs this weekend, at the Charlotte Dog Training Club’s obedience trial, to obtain their Rally Novice (RN) and Beginner Novice (BN) obedience titles. We are SO proud of you both! Way to go!
CH. Sherick M&M’s Priceless Memories, CGC, RN, BN, MT – “Price”

Click here to see Price’s Rally Novice run

Price snoozing after all that hard work to earn these ribbons!

Price snoozing after all that hard work to earn these ribbons!

These dogs man-trail too??

Nope! It’s an AKC tracking class! Now that Fin has achieved his MTX  (the highest man-trailing title available through the American Bloodhound Club) at our National Specialty back in November, I decided we’d try out  tracking. So far it has been a lot of fun! Same fundamentals, of course, in regards to scent and scent theory but much different than trailing 🙂 These were taken by Michael in class yesterday.






and then Finny! 🙂


Snow Day!

Today it snowed again – the second time this winter. Our dogs love it and love to play chase in it! This was actually taken in the last snow but I enjoyed it so much, I thought I’d share. This is Nolan (left) and Paisley playing a game of chase.


Happy New Year!

We wish you a Happy New Year and may 2011 bring you much happiness, good health and love! Pictured below is “Later” at 4.5 months old 


Wow – am I behind or what??

OK – so it’s been since early September since I posted an update. So much has gone on b/t then and now! For starters, we had a red male singleton puppy, whom we named Later, born mid August. He is growing into a nice young man. We will need to get pictures posted of him soon. 5 days before Later was born, we were introduced to Brian Phelps, of Barefoot Labradors, b/c he had a singleton chocolate Lab puppy born, named Luke. Our repro vet put us together and I raised Later & Luke as brothers for the benefits of having a ‘litter.’ Luke just left yesterday … what fun it has been to raise these boys together and enjoy them! Enjoy this picture taken at 12/13wks of the two boys.



On another note, we recently attended our American Bloodhound Club’s National specialty in Pine Mountain, GA. It was held at Callaway Gardens Resort.  What a week we had!! Congratulations to Fin on earning the only MTX offered at the trailing trial. Congratulations to Sunshine (Paisley & Later’s mother) on earning her MT. Congratulations to Higgins on earning his MTI and to Price for earning his MT! Later in the week, we jumped into obedience. Fin qualified for his first leg in Beginner Novice obedience, as did Price. Price won first place in the class! Price also went on to earn first place in the Rally Novice A class and earning his first leg in Rally Novice. Fin, in Rally Advanced, decided he’d leave the ring, LOL! Ahh…Bloodhounds, gotta love ’em! Rally Advanced is all off-leash. We enjoyed the Parade of Honor with Fin dressed up as THE KING. Pictures to come of his awesome costume! At the puppy match, Later took best in match which was a surprise. Best of opposite of best in match was given to his cousin Caloo. It was a fun time. Even Luke, the Lab, got shown in the puppy match 🙂  Lastly, out of almost 50 champion specials in the best of breed ring, Nolan made it through the second cut. Not bad for a 7yr old fella who hadn’t been in the show ring for over a year 🙂 All in all it was a memorable week and it was so fun visiting with friends and having fun with our dogs.

We brought home a souvenier from the Nationals. Planned way in advance, we decided to bring home “London” – Flessner’s International Getaway for M&M. She was born at the first of September. She and Later have become fast friends and having two puppies is always easier than one 🙂 She is out of Rio & Harvey and looks to have a promising future if she holds together. I talked to Chris (her breeder) about this litter over a year ago and it’s great to see it come to fruition. Thank you to them for allowing us to get her! Paisley and Fin have enjoyed her too.


Happy Birthday Mom – from Fin

I just posted this to Facebook, but for those not on there I thought I’d share it here too. THANK you Chip, Melissa & Michele for assisting Fin in this very special birthday gift!!

Today, the day before my birthday, I received in my snail mail a present. The return address read, “From the Assisting Offices of King Fin” …. little did I know that I’d open one of the best gifts I have ever received with one exception – Fin himself. For those of you who I’ve shared Fin’s story, you can understand how special this was to me. In his short time on earth, Fin has touched more people than I can even think of. He is truly a blessing to me and he came to me in my life when I needed one most. A blessing in Bloodhound form, how better to reach me? 🙂 I am so thankful for him. He is a healthy boy that I hope to share so much more with in our future. Thanks for letting me share!

Click Here to see the video gift I received