Gaines can’t get enough

This girl can’t get enough of her mommy! She loves to be loved! I’m not exactly sure how I was able to watch TV tonight through this view. 

Congratulations Holland!

Holland went to her long awaited new home today in Georgia! She is one very lucky girl to join the Houser family. They have had several Bloodhounds from us and are our extended family. We’ll see you soon girl! 🙂


Happy 5th Birthday Grace!

Grace turns 5 today! She wore the traditional birthday bandana and everyone got to celebrate with McDonald’s cheeseburgers!

We found a new smell!

Mrs. Pea & Holland found new smells coming from the birdhouse in our yard. Sure enough, there are baby birds in there! 

Life slowed down

During this COVID-19 outbreak, life has slowed for all of us. Sometimes slowing down forces you to find the beauty in the  moments. Mrs. Pea and I took a walk today in the park across the street. She had a fun time sniffing and enjoying all the smells. 


Beautiful Little Bit

The Queen was enjoying this beautiful day! Little Bit is now 8.5 years old. 

Can we come help you?

Gaines, Mrs. Pea and Holland think they should be in the kitchen area helping me fold laundry … 🙂 

This spot is just right!

Mrs. Pea reminded me of Goldilocks here … This one is ‘jjjuuuuusssttt right!’

Eastern Regional Specialty Dog Show Weekend

We got to go to York, PA this weekend for the Colonial Bloodhound Club’s Eastern Regional Specialty. We only had Gaines entered and it was a special one on one weekend with her. She did well for her very first all breed show and by the second day seemed to have fun. 

While there, we were able to go mantrailing too. Gaines had only ever been in harness as a little puppy doing runaways and learning the ropes of mantrailing. On a whim we decided we’d try testing her for her EECT (American Bloodhound Club’s mantrailing instinct test) and she passed! What a girl! <3


Paisley is here to visit

An old friend of ours, Paisley, has been here for a visit for the last couple of weeks. She is now almost 11.5yrs old and doing very well. Her best friend is Fin and it’s been fun to have them together during this special time! 

Paisley getting groomed and Fin helping 🙂