The last two remain

We have the only two remaining puppies from Willie & Bunny. Holland, ours to keep and her brother Ladd (purple boy) who lives with a wonderful friend not too far away. We like to keep them together for their entertainment and switch off where they live for a few weeks at a time. This helps with socializing too!



My helper

I was looking for something underneath a shelf. I paused and looked over to my right and found this. Mrs. Pea, helping me look! What a nut! LOL!


Peyton loves Fin

Our niece, Peyton, loves Fin. She decided that she needed to show Fin his cuddle clone today. 🙂 She kept saying to Fin – “Fin sees it? Fin sees it?” 

Our new girl!

Welcome to M&M baby girl. Introducing our keeper puppy from Willie & Bunny’s ‘Jeep models’ litter, formerly blue girl.  

M&M’s She’s a Jeep Willy’s Girl  



Brother & Sister love

Landis (left) and Brick (right) were hot pink girl and burgundy boy from Grace & Merlin’s litter. They truly love each other. We thought these pictures were so sweet. <3


Please mom?

Fin believes that this dinner plate is for him. WELL…full disclosure, he got the pizza crust! 🙂



Gaines’ first road trip!

We took puppy girl Gaines this weekend along with us to the Colonial Bloodhound Club’s mantrailing trials. She had a fun time learning about hotel life, etc. She had a great weekend and enjoyed time with us!



We are enjoying the babies!

The Bunny & Willie crew is growing up so quickly. Today they’re 3.5wks old and doing well this week learning about weaning and less time with mommy. <3


Fin & his Cuddle Clone

Michael won a raffle back at our National Specialty last fall that included a free Cuddle Clone. We chose the king (Fin) to be our test on this. Here’s the final product and we laughed so much at the two of them together. Pretty cute! 


Welcome to the world babies!

It may be April Fools day but this is no joke! We are pleased to share with you M&M’s newest litter. Congratulations to Bunny (GCH McGuires Queen of the Hop) and Willie (Sherick’s Sweet WM The Great) on their new brood of 8. They were born last night – 3/31/19. Mommy and babies are doing so very well!

This breeding was a collective effort – from 15yr old frozen semen (frozen by Infinity Canine in Sanford, NC) and bred via TCI by Block Sporthounds …. it is SO surreal and special to be looking at a litter sired by one of our very first Bloodhounds who died 6yrs ago. Willie lived just shy of 14 years old. He’s had a beautiful litter from his frozen in Michigan before but we have never had the right bitch to take to him until now. We are so happy and again amazed by frozen semen, technology and the 8 little blessings among us! This pedigree brings some very beautiful and special old dogs forward and lets them live on again!

We have 5 boys, 3 girls – color breakdown is as follows … 3 blk/tan boys, 1 red boy, 1 liver red boy, 1 blk/tan girl, 2 red girls.

Thank you for letting us share in our most special excitement. A very special thank you to Michael for all of your help today and to Melissa for the same!

Please visit the ‘Litters’ page on this site for reaching us in regards to these puppies. Thank you!