Bloomington, IL Trailing Trials

Our Fin passed his MTI (man-trailer intermediate level) test at these trailing trials over Memorial Day weekend! The trail was 18 hours old, approximately 1/2 mile long and Fin had a beautiful ID at the end for me to call the correct runner. We have been working really hard for this through the months and to have it come to fruition is so exciting. It was hot, humid and draining weather but he overcame it and worked it out. To say I’m proud of that ‘lil booger is an understatement!!

new MTI!

new MTI!

Another Red Hot Champion!

Way to go Barry & Carolina on finishing her championship. You all make a great team and we are so proud of you both!! Carolina is Barry’s first show dog and he jumped into the ring to show her and they did such a good job together. Keep up the good work!!

CH. Sherick M&M’s Red Hot Carolina  – aka “Carolina”  🙂

Practice, Practice, Practice …

When you ask him, he gets all excited because Finny loves to go to do ‘bedience’ … 🙂 Here he is in class last night practicing the long sit stay. He is working here towards his novice obedience title (CD).

"Prepare your dog for the sit" ...
“Prepare your dog for the sit” …
..."and leave your dog" ....

..."and leave your dog" ....

Price’s Vacation

Price had a fun weekend! He went for a fun visit to our friend Chip’s house. Chip is interested in a Bloodhound and we thought it would be fun for her to ‘test drive’ one and see how it was to have one in her home, etc. Price knows Chip from our trailing training and he loves her! He also loves Caroline and Boomer, Chip’s two Black & Tan Coonhounds. As you can see, they all had a great weekend!

Caroline & Price
Caroline & Price
Price & Boomer
Price & Boomer
C'mon! Play wif me!
C’mon! Play wiff me!
Watching the neighbors
Watching the neighbors
Such a sweet face!

Such a sweet face!

We have a new Champion!

Biggest congratulations to Buck & Randy Greenlee for finishing Buck’s AKC championship this weekend in Hollister, CA. Buck finished Sunday with his fourth major. Way to go guys – we are so proud of you both!! Send us pictures soon!

CH. Sherick M&M’s Red Hot Buckshot, EECT

Master Sherman – at it again!

Congratulations to Beth & Sherman on their new Rally Advanced (RA) obedience title they earned this past weekend! Sherman went on to earn his first leg towards his Rally Excellent (RE) title the day after earning his RA title! We are so amazed by this team work and what they have accomplished so far – So proud of you both!!!

HIT Sherick M&M’s Red Hot Howlitzer CD, RA, EECT, Can MT, Can RN … less formally known as “Sherman” 🙂

Another one in jail …

… complements of Merit! Below is a post we got this week from Merit’s owner and handler – Terri Heck. We are so proud of these ladies and the service they provide to their community. We never can hear enough about the searches – Keep up the great work! You can read more about Merit, Terri and their other working team (Apache & husband Jim) on their website: Summit Search & Rescue

<<Hey all,  Most of the time our searches are not such that I am compelled to bore you with the details but last night’s is an exception.

first and foremost I am proud of “Merit” and maybe somewhat of this “not so young handler”. A brief synopsis follows. Auto accident – car on roof – flattened. Driver and passenger fled on foot. Passenger apprehended approx. 1/2 mile away laying in thicket. First I had to impersonate an auto mechanic as I layed on the road on my back to be able to have access to the air bag and steering wheel as I prepared a scent article. Trail was picked up on the road, crossing a major creek (bridge thankfully) and into a field. Working across the briar laden field she came to a thicket area (I was then informed that this was where the passenger was apprehended. She continued into increasingly thick thicket. At this point this handler had to belly crawl (police department estimated atleast 50 yards). Scuff marks were observed in several areas. Note: fenced in GSD’s were running a fence line next to us barking – ignored by “Merit”. Barbed wire tried to take us down as well. “Merit” then had a strong alert on the fence wanting to get to the other side. Fence was bent down a bit. After we were assured the GSDs could not get to that area we lifted her over the fence. The trail continued through an area of storage sheds, abandoned buildings etc and out to the road about 3/4 of a mile North of where the accident occurred. Trail ended at that point. After several casts she jumped up on me. Strong trail for an hour! Walking back on the road – back tracking was clearly not a plan – but walked to see if anything else was noticed. Shortly after ending point “Merit” on collar had a strong alert at the golf course . Across grass from road tire tracks were observed and scraped pavement – police department felt strong likelihood they had lost control at that point but were able to continue until lost control again at crash site. 30 minutes after returning home I was notified that the subject was in custody – dog’s trail confirmed. Police department credits the dog with the quick direction of their investigation and subsequent apprehension. Love this dog!  Terri>>

Happy 2nd Birthday Finny!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday too yoou. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FINNY, Happy Birthday tooooo yooooou! Wow – it’s been two years since our last litter?! Fin is the light of my life and I am very blessed to have him. He had a great birthday! He wore his ‘Birthday Dog’ bandana (a tradition in our house on their birthday) and had his friend Tucker come play for the day. He got lots of goodies – including the jumps. Look at him go! 🙂






You can run, but you can’t hide…

we did it, we DID it, WE DID IT! At the Southeastern Bloodhound Club’s Trailing Trial this weekend, b/t the two of us, we handled 4 dogs to their Man Trailer title (MT)!
 handled by Molly:
CH. Sherick’s Dakota Wild Pitch, CGC, MT – Nolan
Sherick M&M’s Finally Red Hot!, CGC, TDI, RN, MT – Fin
 handled by Michael:
CH. Wychway’s Yello Polkadot Zucchini, CGC, TDI, MT – Paisley
CH. Sherick M&M’s Reflective Memories, CGC, MT – Higgins
 Whoo Hooooooooo! We are very proud of these dogs and their hard work as part of a team effort. 🙂
As a bit of icing on the cake – we got home to find on the voicemail that Randy Greenlee & Buck (Sherick M&M’s Red Hot Buckshot, EECT) just passed is instinct test in trailing. Way to go guys!

A Valentine’s story


Henry is our 3yr old nephew that lives in Seattle, WA. Though Henry has a yellow lab, for some reason he is afraid of other dogs. When he comes to Charlotte, we’ve made a point for him to visit with Fin (I very slowly bring Fin into the scene and have him adjust to Fin being there) and realize that he is not scary. Just the other day we got a piece of mail addressed to Fin. I waited to open it today ’til I had help getting pictures. It was a very special valentine from Henry to Fin. Fin had to email Henry back to let him know he got it:

Dear Henry, It’s me Fin! I am so excited that you sent me a valentine. My Mommy and I opened it together this morning and now it is on our refrigerator. Mommy’s friend Melissa took pictures of me so that you can see me opening it. You did a great job coloring the envelope and we loved your finger prints. I put the valentine in my mouth after I put my whole nose in the envelope and wagged my tail b/c I knew your smell and it was in the envelope. Remember, I sniffed and found you while you were at GranMary’s? I knew you sent it to me and I miss you! I hope I can come see you very soon when you come to Charlotte. Happy Valentines Day to you too Henry! I love you.

Love, Finny