Hattie B.


Date of Birth: 09.13.11

Weight:  98lbs

Health Info: OFA health information

Sire: GCH. CH. Sherick M&M’s Priceless Memories, RN, BN, MT, MTI – WDHOF (Price)

Dam: CH. Flessner’s Let it Ride, MT, MTI (Rio)

Breeders: Molly & Michael Nye

Owners: Tom & Nan Taylor & Molly Nye

March 2012 - 6 months

March 2012 – 6 months

March 2012 - 6 months

March 2012 – 6 months

Haddie B., or affectionately called “BB,” was named for an aunt of Tom Taylor’s and we think it is such a cute name! BB resides in TN and has helped to fill a hole in the Taylor’s heart. A few years ago they lost their very special and beautiful girl Esme at a young age and BB has helped bring the clownish puppy fun back into their lives. She has finally convinced her “sister” Betsy to accept her and all is well. Tom sends us funny stories about our “third of the dog” did thus and such … and usually our third is not the most well behaved mutt 🙂

BB has hit the show world and done very well. At the MAHA show in May 2012, she took back to back majors and even went BOS over specials from the 6-9mos puppy class. She has a very, very patient handler, Mac McCord, who luckily has forgiven her for pulling him down and the strained leg muscle he endured from it. He also takes his time convincing her that the shiny floors are not going to be something  she’s going to fall through while walking to the ring! Silly, silly girl brings smiles to all of our faces and we are happy she is a part of our lives!


Pictured at 8wks