Willie - 10.5 years old

                    Willie – 10.5 years old


December 2010 - 11 years old

        December 2010 – 11 years old


With a personality to die for, Willie was often told he was “the best dog in the whole world!” Now, we know there is major competition for that exact spot, but there was a uniqueness about this dog that is hard to explain in words. He was so easy to live with, did most everything we ask with no questioning (uncommon for this breed!) and he was definitely ‘mama’s boy!’ Willie loved his sister (Campbell) probably more then he loved himself. He enjoyed helping her patrol the yard.
He did not have fun showing, the very little bit he was shown, so we didn’t push the issue with him. He was a nice boy who lived to run errands or go on trips, but was just as content being an ‘ole homeboy’ as long as he got a taste of his favorite treat once it a while — ice cream!
Willie has sired one litter of puppies from Huggable Hounds via frozen semen. They are showing nice promise and we are so happy that his legacy will live on in them.

Willie was kindly put to sleep at 13.5 years old, which is unheard of for our breed. He didn’t have cancer or anything that made this decision necessary. He had good days and bad days towards the end of his life but the day that it was time, his body was failing him and he let us know he was ready to go. The hole in our heart is huge. We certainly miss our happy “old Man!” He was perfect. He ~truly~ was perfect …

Cocoa & Buster - Two of Willie's offspring at 5 months old

    Cocoa & Buster – Two of Willie’s                offspring at 5 months old

Date of Birth: 11.22.99

Date of Death: 07.14.2013

Weight: 112 lbs

Health Info: OFA Hips good, elbows, cardiac, thyroid, patella normal – CHIC, Degenerative Myelopathy DNA test – normal (clear)

Sire: Ch. Sherick’s Gibraltr O’Churchil (Wally)

Dam: CH. Sherick’s Return to Abbey (Abbey)

Owners: Molly & Michael Nye