Are you comfy?

Bloodhounds sleep in the most strange positions sometimes! LOL!



Gaines and Mrs. Pea love to stare at me while I work on my laptop. LOL!


Watching TV

Mrs. Pea loves to watch TV … I love my ‘lil Pea <3


We have a new therapy dog!

Congratulations to Later and his handler Melissa on achieving their goal of becoming a Therapy Dog team through Alliance of Therapy Dogs. It is their hope to assist children facing legal testifying who have been through things no child should. 


Some updated puppy pix

Here are Holland and Ladd at 3.5 months old 🙂



We have a new AKC Champion!

Congratulations to Ms. Grace on her new AKC Championship title. She earned this at the Prarielands Regional Specialty in Madison, OH. A beautiful show site! She finished with 4 majors and to top if off with a regional Award of Merit!




The last two remain

We have the only two remaining puppies from Willie & Bunny. Holland, ours to keep and her brother Ladd (purple boy) who lives with a wonderful friend not too far away. We like to keep them together for their entertainment and switch off where they live for a few weeks at a time. This helps with socializing too!



My helper

I was looking for something underneath a shelf. I paused and looked over to my right and found this. Mrs. Pea, helping me look! What a nut! LOL!


Peyton loves Fin

Our niece, Peyton, loves Fin. She decided that she needed to show Fin his cuddle clone today. 🙂 She kept saying to Fin – “Fin sees it? Fin sees it?” 

Our new girl!

Welcome to M&M baby girl. Introducing our keeper puppy from Willie & Bunny’s ‘Jeep models’ litter, formerly blue girl.  

M&M’s She’s a Jeep Willy’s Girl