Colin Osborne

Happy 2nd Birthday to Gaines & Pea!

These sisters have a birthday today! They also turn the big two years old! 








Happy Birthday Landis!

Landis turns the big two years old today!


Mrs. Pea watching TV

She literally will sit and watch the television with us! LOL!


It may be hot but we still play ball!

We have to wait until the evenings to play ball but we do! The humidity in the south added to our summer heat is just brutal. Visa enjoys a few tosses of his favorite pink ball. He’s almost 9yrs old now!


The old man now …

Later is almost 10 years old and the oldest in our house since losing our precious Fin. He looks great for his age! 


A pretty girl!

Tonight we had our camera out and got a few shots of the girls. This is one of my favorites of Landis. 🙂