The ring is red hot again!

Well….with many thanks to Betsy Copeland & Beth Mares from this past Nationals, I was encouraged to jump into the Rally Novice obedience ring this weekend and who better to do it with then my little Finny? I am proud to announce that (with NO class training!) Fin earned his three legs to obtain the title (RN) starting this past Friday at the Concord, NC shows. Though his runs were not perfect (Friday’s was FAR from it, LOL!) he did a great job and loved it. Everyone enjoyed watching ‘the Bloodhound’ and clapped for him when he was done. 🙂 What a fun thing to do with your dog! I encourage anyone to look into doing it.

You can view Saturday’s run (his best – score of 91!) by clicking here

Thank you to all that have given support and shown love to my ‘Little Engine that Could’ as that describes him perfectly! I am truly blessed to have such a very special soul in my life.  Now, back to working on that MT! 🙂
Sherick M&M’s Finally Red Hot!, RN, CGC, TDI, EECT