Some fall trailing

We went out this weekend and met up with a great group of folks to go trailing. We are working towards the Feb 2010 ABC trailing trials that will be held here in our very own NC! All of the dogs did very well throughout the weekend. Some of our own highlights were Paisley running a trail laid to MT specifications but w/two runners at the end, her getting to the end with a great jump up ID on the correct runner and Michael not realizing SHE was correct b/c he had confused the scent articles!…..Higgins working an 18 hour old trail and his first one with two runners at the end (one of them was Molly (the cross runner) – that was HARD for him not to focus on just saying hello!) and ….drum roll….FINNY working a 24 hour old trail with three runners at the end (two cross runners – one of them being Michael) and him going to the correct runner…was a fun and great weekend had by all! Here is a photo we liked of Michael & Paisley working.