An 8 -DAY- old trail???

Yep, that’s right!! The oldest trail Fin had worked to date was a little over 24hrs old. We went trailing last weekend and all week afterwards I wondered if Fin could do a ~really~ old trail. Could he be put up to the test to run 36 or 48hrs old? What about a week long? Wouldn’t that be asking a lot? It was b/c of these nagging thoughts that I finally decided I’d act upon them and see what he could do! We got out there Sunday, harnessed Fin up, gave him the search command and he commited to it right away. Parts of the trail were foot step for foot step and other parts he worked fairly wide. This trail had aged in a very busy corporate park, next to (and the bulk of it parallel to) an interstate (separated from the interstate just by a wrought iron fence), through rain & snow over the course of that week. He made his way to the runner in about 15 minutes and boy were we ALL so happy!! These dogs never cease to amaze me with their abilities…what a neat day!