Happy 11th Birthday to our Fin!

Anyone with an old Bloodhound can certainly relate with this. Today was a day that I was unsure would come. Old Bloodhounds sadly are not very common as their average lifespan is 8-9yrs. It truly is a blessing to have an old one in your life. This guy, *my most very special boy to me,* has had his ups and downs battling arthritis and the effects of long term prednisone usage, which provides him quality life, but today was a big day! Happy, HAPPY 11th Birthday to my Fin who we love so dearly! He’s had a great and busy day. He started the day with a couple of bites of bday canned food treat and the traditional bday bandanna adorned. We went to GrandMary’s (my mom) where lunch chicken pot pie bites were shared and enjoyed with Mom, Tom and our adorable niece Peyton who was anticipating his bday visit. She helped to sing Happy Birthday to him as we shared mini cupcakes that Mom got for him. Then tonight we enjoyed the traditional McDonald’s Birthday cheeseburgers for all the dogs at home. Even the drive thru girl wished him a happy day! What an extra special day for one extra special boy. He’s now completely exhausted just like an old man and probably two pounds heavier but who cares when you have a day like today to celebrate?!