A Valentine’s story


Henry is our 3yr old nephew that lives in Seattle, WA. Though Henry has a yellow lab, for some reason he is afraid of other dogs. When he comes to Charlotte, we’ve made a point for him to visit with Fin (I very slowly bring Fin into the scene and have him adjust to Fin being there) and realize that he is not scary. Just the other day we got a piece of mail addressed to Fin. I waited to open it today ’til I had help getting pictures. It was a very special valentine from Henry to Fin. Fin had to email Henry back to let him know he got it:

Dear Henry, It’s me Fin! I am so excited that you sent me a valentine. My Mommy and I opened it together this morning and now it is on our refrigerator. Mommy’s friend Melissa took pictures of me so that you can see me opening it. You did a great job coloring the envelope and we loved your finger prints. I put the valentine in my mouth after I put my whole nose in the envelope and wagged my tail b/c I knew your smell and it was in the envelope. Remember, I sniffed and found you while you were at GranMary’s? I knew you sent it to me and I miss you! I hope I can come see you very soon when you come to Charlotte. Happy Valentines Day to you too Henry! I love you.

Love, Finny