You can run, but you can’t hide…

we did it, we DID it, WE DID IT! At the Southeastern Bloodhound Club’s Trailing Trial this weekend, b/t the two of us, we handled 4 dogs to their Man Trailer title (MT)!
 handled by Molly:
CH. Sherick’s Dakota Wild Pitch, CGC, MT – Nolan
Sherick M&M’s Finally Red Hot!, CGC, TDI, RN, MT – Fin
 handled by Michael:
CH. Wychway’s Yello Polkadot Zucchini, CGC, TDI, MT – Paisley
CH. Sherick M&M’s Reflective Memories, CGC, MT – Higgins
 Whoo Hooooooooo! We are very proud of these dogs and their hard work as part of a team effort. 🙂
As a bit of icing on the cake – we got home to find on the voicemail that Randy Greenlee & Buck (Sherick M&M’s Red Hot Buckshot, EECT) just passed is instinct test in trailing. Way to go guys!