Happy Birthday Mom – from Fin

I just posted this to Facebook, but for those not on there I thought I’d share it here too. THANK you Chip, Melissa & Michele for assisting Fin in this very special birthday gift!!

Today, the day before my birthday, I received in my snail mail a present. The return address read, “From the Assisting Offices of King Fin” …. little did I know that I’d open one of the best gifts I have ever received with one exception – Fin himself. For those of you who I’ve shared Fin’s story, you can understand how special this was to me. In his short time on earth, Fin has touched more people than I can even think of. He is truly a blessing to me and he came to me in my life when I needed one most. A blessing in Bloodhound form, how better to reach me? 🙂 I am so thankful for him. He is a healthy boy that I hope to share so much more with in our future. Thanks for letting me share!

Click Here to see the video gift I received