Piedmont Kennel Club shows

Wow! WHAT a weekend this was for us! This is our local kennel club and their only show weekend during the year. We usually try to enter the shows to support the club, etc. This time I felt like I had lost my mind b/c the puppies were just old enough for this show and so I bit the bullet and ended up entering 4 of our dogs to help build points, etc. It was a bit stressful to figure out getting help holding dogs, showing one of them, etc. But with some help from Suzy Fox and Brittany Gilliland and Michael, we pulled it off. Saturday and Sunday was a 5pt major in dogs and 2pts in bitches.  Saturday London took best of breed with Suzy showing her. This was only her second real weekend out as a special and she picked up a good amount of breed points and Grand Championship points.  Suzy did a great job with her! Saturday was a great day for Later … he went winners dog to pick up the 5pt major and finished it off by going best of opposite sex. This was only his third show weekend! We’ve been holding him out to mature. That same day Kennedy – M&M’s The Price of Fame – was best puppy and our Little Bit was reserve winners bitch. As if we couldn’t top that off, Sunday was a HUGE day for us! London went best of breed again, our bred by puppy Visa went winners dog for the 5pt major (!) and the icing on the cake was that Little Bit went winners bitch but then went on to go best of winners which crossed over the 5pt major to her.  She also won best bred by exhibitor. Holy cow! The puppies had never been in a show before, they were only 6.5months old! It was a enormous weekend for M&M and a very memorable one as well. We also had the puppies’ littermate Beau – M&M’s The Price of His Redemption – there at the show. He and his dad, John, make a great team and looked wonderful together.

Little Bit